Why Do We Need More Than One Website Analytics Tool?

Using a Web Analytics Platform in general?

Thanks to Google ‘s reputation, website masters usually work as a method for analyzing site statistics using Simple Google Analytics (GAn).


For example, you may discover the big difference between Google Analytics and numerous other site statistics tools if you have worked with other Website statistics tools,

In Totem(, I used and GAn, and Read Beauties( In the statical results between them, I discovered a lot of variations. Let me make a big difference:


1. Online stats are not given by GAn, meaning the statistics are not the latest, but rather a number of hours delay.

2. The exact volumes of traffic at the same site differ, with the amount of Google Analytics also being much lower.

3. GAn does not provide reliable visitor IP statistics.


Below, I would mention that GAn and various other site statistics tools actually have various roles and positions. GAn is a method for statistical research and not for the compilation of statistics. Before it appears the website masters GAn has dealt with the statistics and you can not find the initial statistics.


Well, Google Analytics makes it really easy, dumb. However, sometimes we can want the statistics evaluated by ourselves, so we have to choose another method.


I therefore recommend that masters use GAn and different site statistics tools to take advantage of them and that they provide the output of different site tools. You therefore need a method for multiple website review!


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