LED Strip Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

Under cabinet lighting, the appearance and feel of your kitchen is relatively cheap and extremely efficient. It is also functional, not just visually appealing, by providing a much greater light on work surfaces that are usually left in the dark. Why not try using self-adhesive LED Strip light to produce the perfect results with very little effort?

You must measure the length of your medicine cabinet and ensure that a sufficient supply of power is available near by in order to mount strip lights. Take into account that strip lights can be cut at 2.5, 5 or 10 cm intervals only so that they are rounded up or down if appropriate when making measurements.

LED strips could be powered from a standard power outlet or could be attached to an existing lighting system. The question that you have to ask is whether you want your strip lights to go exactly at the same time as your main kitchen lights or if you want to operate them individually.


Since the LED strips have a self-adhesive backing, there will be no additional mounts or maybe attachments, but it is really worth investment in no less than IP65 coating in order to avoid short circuits, in the event that you instal them near sinks, kettles or other potential condensation sources.


The best single colour strips to use in this application are as a rule-of-dumb, cool white LED Strip Lights since their light is bright and crisp.


Do not forget to look at a dimmer switch because this will help you to adjust the luminosity of your strips. To be dimmable, you need either a dimmed driver or even a 12V dimmer switch between the driver and the band lights.


You can note that in many kitchens the medical practice is not linked in one continuous phase, it is divided by gaps. Instead. This may be of concern if you want the LED strips to be mounted on all of your cabinets but just one power point. This may be solved by linking your strips in series or by using a 12V cable in parallel.


In the first case, the distance between each cabinet will be bridged with the length of a wire, and in the second case each strip will be powered separately. We always suggest that you connect in parallel where possible because this decreases voltage drop chances.


To sum up, then:


– Take action,


– Make sure you have a power point,


– If necessary, pick an IP65 rated coating,


– To match the decor, pick colour temperature,


– Pay interest to the distance between your medical office and decide how you can link your strip lights into your own power point.


Of course, it is not just the bottom of your kitchen cabinets that can take advantage of LED strip lights. They could be mounted on the top and along the kickboards on the better side.

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