Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

I’ve seen the value of bitcoin grow exponentially over the last three months. I wouldn’t know what bitcoin was and I never ever knew a few months ago about the cryptocurrency. However, they received everyone’s attention, with the latest media and government attention to cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin mixture or even more only digital money quickly gets adopted worldwide, as transactions appear to be faster and cheaper. These transactions are encrypted with a signature, or maybe a private key, for each transaction. Everyone desires a piece of activity by increasing its value and popularity. There are two main ways to earn Bitcoin money. The first is a very easy approach to investing in the coin and hopes that its value will grow. The next is the “mining” bitcoins operation. If a transaction occurs, “miners” use complicated algorithms to check the system. They earn transactions fees and newly minted Bitcoins as a reward for their work!

There’s a big risk / reward factor from an investment point of view, since this currency is very fresh and has no inherent value that causes great shifts in prices and volatility. A good reality is that there is a huge amount of capital invested and businesses sign up to use this currency, but we have no idea when the value of the currency is going to return to zero!


“Mining” also presents a major element in risk / reward. You had been able to “meet” with a normal home or laptop computer at the beginning of Bitcoin. However, as more people do it, the difficulty and strength of “mine” rises. It is possible to mince a maximum number of Bitcoins (20,000,000). And with the amount of bitcoin we earn for every good ‘mine’ growing smaller and smaller, closer to twenty million. In the meantime ‘miners’ who want to be successful have to invest in complicated hi-tech mining equipment and there is no guarantee that they are successful or even cost them.


However, there is an alternative safer and third. Suddenly, the method to create these wealth’s brings with it promises the most lucrative venture to wealth. For eg, it is the shovel, in a gold rash and it’s mining platforms or maybe mighty graphic cards for bitcoin. You make a significant profit if you are able to manufacture these or even get your hands cheaply. Sadly, only a few have the luxury to choose this option.


The scam artists even have a day of work when people are turning to the wealthy. Read posts, browse through the forums, view the Bitcoin market, and look for your ROI and costs before you even look at investment. In my view, you have to do it for a few weeks before you put money into action. This is an unbelievably competitive business and an even more dangerous investment.

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