Multi-national corporations currently dominate the global market much more than before. Moreover, the production of a supply chain in all major companies is currently essential. In order to achieve that, you need to be certified by the supply chain. This allows a person to understand how the company operates logistics. It will also help to obtain whatever products you need to go anywhere. With its extensive Certified Chain Supply Professional Program, the Association for Operations Management (APICS), can obtain certification (CCSP).

First of all, an overview of the exact nature of the CCSP programme. CSCP allows you to learn about the global management of the supply chain. It can also help you to understand your relationships with customers throughout the business, information technology and physical logistics. It also allows system graduates to develop a supply chain framework for the company, to facilitate logistics exchanges across a network and to take the steps required to develop and maintain a supplier chain.


Why should the APICS CCSP be chosen? Well, it is mainly the most well-known supply chain certification programme, for reasons that are obvious. It is a certification that is sought by multiple jobs and recruiting employers in professionals. Plus “it helps professionals to make up up 11% over non-certified professionals,” according to APICS Operations Management Employment Outlook (Fourth quarter 2010). Overall, the CCSP certification will help you to make this dream job a much more attractive candidate.

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How do you know if the CCSP is suitable for you? On the basis of the APICS website, a number of skills are the perfect choice for the system. The perfect candidate will “have a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of five years of experience in his/her choice field, seeks to increase his/her company’s finances and learn the basics of a supply chain and also the clothes.” The candidate should take this into account and seek other objectives from the system before registration.


Finally, how can you register for this system? The first step would be to request the exam. This requires the establishment of an APICS account. The candidate must fill out an eligibility application once registered. This request includes the presentation of evidence. The applicant must demonstrate that he/she is a bachelor and has a minimum of 2 years of experience in the area of choice. Next, it must register once accepted for the examination. The examination itself is divided into three modules, the first of which concerns the basics of supply chain management and the next is supply chain strategy, compliance and design. With education, the content changes year by year. You must maintain your APICS accreditation according to your maintenance standards after passing the examination. Its standards will only be released when the test is passed.

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Overall, the APICS Program is the first chain supply management certification. It will give you the best opportunity to find your dream job or even to advance in your current profession.

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