Every bride’s wedding day will certainly be amazing. Whether a good friend used the maquillage or an experienced maquillage artist, but sometimes bad things happen and things don’t go quite as planned. The hair may come out of place and unfinished, the makeup might be too heavy or light… The law of Murphy often is better than the best money wedding planner can purchase. Allow me to share a few tips when you choose the maker of yours for your big day!



1. Do a trial, review is excellent, recommendations are excellent, but your face is NOT your friends, your skin can react to the same makeup look that you loved so much on your best friends wedding day, in other ways.


2. You, not you, are makingup artist on trial. Extract from them all the info! ‘If it rains, will the maquillage work?’ ‘Will it crack in the heat?’ Don’t be afraid to ask all and nothing, pay a lot of money and make sure that you let them know why when you don’t get unhappy.

3. Test different looks and have a backup plan, the “if it rains” water proof foundation can look totally different to the foundation of the whole day. Pay extra $65.00 – $100.00 for a further trial run Simply, it doesn’t matter to spend thousands of people on a photographer to look like a clown on your wedding day because it didn’t last when you would have a moment of tears or maybe your sweat left your base blush.


4. Let your makeup artist know if your wedding day looks different for you, for example, if on your wedding day you’ll have a fake tan, you probably need another cloaker and foundation, you might really have to look totally new!! It’s the same for your hair color doesn’t expect the eye shadow to look the same if you’re a brunette at the trial and a blonde on your wedding day!


The Speech


Your style and appearance for your big day may depend on your personal preferences, but allow your maker to recommend a few things “You don’t go to your doctor to tell them how you want to correct a cold, because they know a lot more about how you can do it than you do!” You will eventually take care of some points to think about when you choose what look.


1. Are you one day, or maybe one night, at the time of the ceremony? A lighter, natural appearance is better for a wedding of a day and a much more dramatic look for a night marriage.


2. Your wedding is what time of year? If you have a wedding Spring and Summer, look bright and pastel. Warm, much deeper shades for a winter wedding will be a little better.And check best bridal makeup artist in lucknow.


3. Cool tones of grey, pink, delicate pink and lilac are ideal, if you’re blond or perhaps just fair skinned.


4. A warm neutral tone, brown, taupe, red and borgoundy is more suitable if you are a brunette or perhaps an olive skinned person.


5. You should remember that your composition must be more dramatic compared to your daily composition, flash pictures can make the subject look pale and wash out the makeup in pictures. 5. 5.


Take your time to choose, ask questions, get responses, a makeup artist who agrees with everything you have to say, maybe he isn’t the best for you. How can you pay an extra fee for a pro if you have all the answers and know how to do it?

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