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How Digital Recorders and Transcription Help Project Managers Save Time and Cover Their Bases

Digital recorders are a gift to innovative and busy people in the workplace and give their time for endless hours and are therefore a key factor to improve overall productivity in today’s business world.

Jennifer, for example, works for an influential fundraising organisation in the Metro area, Washington, DC, as senior account manager and project manager. The organisation offers the base of their and political causes to senior government officials and political and/or faithful, including an on-going project of the restoration and renovation of Mt. Vernon, George Washington.


Jennifer is establishing meetings that will shake innovative thoughts and ambitions, which will transform them into a cohesive action plan. She does this without the help of an administrator, does all of her work home, works part-time twenty-five hours a week and cares for 2 nurseries. She uses high-tech equipment like her iPhone and digital recorders to do this.


Jennifer really focuses on “older” with the digital recording machine Olympus DMI being bought for around a hundred dollars for five years (a Samson Zoom H2, for instance, will produce broadcast quality recordings). She bought another memory card and took another Radio Shack microphone and uses the little gadget to perform a variety of tasks quickly and comfortably.


She takes her four onions of Digital Recorder and the microphone from the bag to position it at the center of the conference table to film first meetings with customers and then team meetings with videographers and the creative planners (usually 12 people sitting at a congress table).


The specifics of the funding collected at the meetings are prioritized and organised in a transcript to be completed and mailed to all interested parties. Therefore, nothing is missed or probably overlooked because many nuanced and innovative high-end aims are coupled with a general plan, without Jennifer needing to spend time on the phone in follow-up calls, because the conference specifics are all in the transcript. There are no questions or confusions about time limits or specifics, and every team member creates the big picture. In the first meetings, customer vision and project requirements can also be taken.

Effective communication is the main key to avoid confusion, as you say, and it is the means to get things done right and to get them done quickly to stay away from misunderstandings.


Jennifer boss is complimented by customers who are pleased for how it operates seamlessly and how it deals with customers and employees in a relaxed and supportive manner, so that it sees both perfect food and drinks in the pleasant meetings it organises.


As their daily outsourced transcriber, I know the meetings of Jennifer, speak the voices of ID speakers and can catch and condense the most relevant things by missing the pleasantries. Often I turn gears and transcript the transcripts of the videos in order to be edited. He took some time to find me, Jennifer. She needed someone willing to deal with one-on-one, and I’m the person who normally answers your phone, I’m available 24 hours a day, and within hours, I turn the transcribers around so that I have the services she wants.


At the end of the day, I have to admit that I’ve considered digital recorders a dream come true in the 30 years of my life in reporting/transcription industry. Forget about the delayed delivery of audio-tape to deadlines, hissy, muffled recordings are forgotten. Instead, customers pass their audio files to my desk’s machine in crisp, crystal-clear audio files that are transcribed and readily accessible in real-time, in particular, meetings where I am able to miss and chase pleasantries.

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Before the electronic revolution, recording meetings involved the installation of multiple mics, a mixer, and the installation of lower records on hissy tapes that were broken, ran out or perhaps not flipped in time. Naturally, because recordings were not digital, transcriptors in house (cheap), or perhaps couriers or even snail mail deliveries to off-source transcripts were needed, which implies that turnaround times were slow and additional expenses were necessary.


Nowadays, however, this small digital recording system would enable a bureau to do much more quickly and for less money. Digital recorders are perhaps the most convenient method for improving bureau productivity with both phone and fax machines in the arsenal of advances in hi-tech technology. The cost for these appliances drops a lot, so there are really no more excuses for not getting a digital recorder behind every office (or even 2 or perhaps three).