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Press Release Distribution: Can SEO Help?

Since it is a publicity tool, it must appear newsworthy in every press release. Any delivery service you want to use in media correspondence, free of charge or maybe even charged, will not allow off-label ad-copies. The development, but it might take some exercise before you get it right, is not hard to produce a press release that will please distribution services. To support you along the way, a number of free software and programmes will function online as an excellent tool both for style purposes and for SEO purposes while writing a PR.

The next stage is, of course, to read it and ideally read the market of yours after you have written your press release.


Free PR distribution sites are sold online for all these ads on a budget. Obviously, the biggest advantage of these platforms is the price tag, but when you use these websites you have some disadvantages.

To begin with, you will receive the free news release with advertising from the distributor. These ads can weaken both the contents of your news release and the reputation it has perceived, both among your readers and among search engine crawlers. Ideally, when an online user hits the “news” tab of a particular keyword search, you want to release yours prominently and that’s harder to see if your content is in the midst of ads to your own additional services and products.


The next big drawback of a free press release delivery service is that they may not allow clickable back links in most cases and also have a limited number of style choices, all of which are key things that may pull your press release down.

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Paying news release sites can vary from only a few dollars per month to much more costly membership fees. The one you want depends on your finances as well as how many press releases you plan to make available. There are some seats that allow you to pay per release and that could be a much better option for those who just have to release the unforeseen press release.


You need to compare yourself before you sign up to share with some hard-earned cash as you choose from several existing PR distribution websites. Find out the number of channels that a certain website can send to and from your websites. The distribution of your release to outlets which are not connected to your service or industry or are probably obscure sites with hardly any traffic is of little benefit.