The Chinese Threat and India Gets Ready

As long as history is written, India and China have been neighbors. But their social relationships were reduced, since the powerful Himalayas were a good barrier that could no longer be broken. But the situation changed in the 21st century, and both nations realized that the Himalayas were not an obstacle to modern armies.

The Chinese have the advantage of not only having engulfed vast parts of Indian territory and have a vast number of troops for their battle purposes at the same time. The Indians were happy with leaders like Nehru who lived in a very quickly collapsing utopian world. India therefore faces an unbelievably real Chinese threat.

The staff of the Indian General agreed therefore to raise forces at the eastern border. Officials reported that 2 new mountain divisions of infantry are being reinforced. With about 35,000 new soldiers, the strike forces will be raised. These may be Arunachal Pradesh ‘s local soldiers and they call them Arunachal Scouts. The defence of Arunachal Pradesh against the Chinese was entrusted to both divisions. The Arunachal Scouts will remain in Arunachal itself, unlike other battalions which are transferred from place to place. By 2011, the divisions will increase and also add to the strike groups currently facing the Chinese.


The Macmohan line is the east frontier that India acknowledges. China has never taken that line as its frontier, however, and hence the situation in the entire region is unpredictable. Two bodies are able to encounter the Chinese in the Indian Army. They are four Tezpur corps and 33 Siliguri corps. Lieutenant Generals are the heads of both corps. In addition, Tezpur, Baghdogra and Hashimara have military air bases with fighters and interceptors.

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As the Indian army was equipped to defend the frontier, the 1962 defeat had a devastating effect. However, logistical services on the Indian side are a situation where goods must be transported from the plains to the hills, while the Chinese supplies are direct and clear. Furthermore, a rail line was constructed right up to Lasha.


But the establishment of these divisions of ethnic groups could go a long way to counter the Chinese challenge. Locals with a knowledge of the area as well as acclimatisation to the region will go a long way to shorten the Indian defences of the region.

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